Sexuality Lab has created the Map of Violence against LGBT people in Russia. To view the map, click on the picture below (the map will open in a new tab):


See in Google Maps

The Map of Violence shows crime incidents against LGBT that took place in Russian cities for the period 2011-2016. If you click on a mark on the map, you will get additional information about a specific incident: publication date, location where the incident took place, sexuality of the victim, number of victims, and type of crime.


The data was collected from publications (registered in Integrum) in federal and regional media sources in 2011-2016. We divided all crimes into three categories: (1) murder; (2) abuse (beatings, verbal insults, etc. – every act of violence except murder falls into this category); (3) robbery (blackmail, theft, burglary, etc.). Every mark on the map corresponds to one victim. If the number of victims is unknown (e.g. an attack on a gay club where there were many visitors), only one mark was put on the map. Since there was usually no specific information in the publications on where the crimes took place (no exact addresses), most marks were placed approximately.

The map was created with Google Fusion Tables.


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