The research “Legal Wounds: Deconstruction of Gay and Lesbian Rights in the Russian Legal Discourse” is a project of ‘Law and Society‘ group of the Centre for Independent Social Research (Saint Petersburg, Russia) supported by the Heinrich Böll Fund. The terms of the project: 1st of March 2011 – 1st of January 2012. The supervisor of the project is prof. Anna Temkina (European University at St. Petersburg). More information?

The researcher: Alexander Kondakov, MA in Sociology of Law, works in the ‘Law and Society‘ in CISR. In my researches I focus on the connection between legal discourse and practicies in the society. From my point of view, the practicies depend on the meanings of legal notions which are constructed in a society. Hence, it is important to uncover the discursive formations that form the ‘conduct of conduct’. I use Foucaultian discourse-analysis in my work.

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